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Cancer Prevention Research Fund is on a mission to Abolish cancer.

Prevention is the best defense against many types of cancer. Eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly are essential for prevention. We are passionate about providing access to nutritious foods, medical supplies, and education on the benefits of a healthy diet.

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How do you end cancer? You start with Nutritious Fruits & Vegetables.

3 Proven areas of focus help distribute, supply and provide Families the nutrition needed to help prevent cancer.

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Our goal is to reduce the number of cancer cases and provide assistance to those affected. Your generosity can help us achieve this.

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To end cancer, we must work together to bring Nutritious Fruits & Vegetables to the Families who need it most.

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We’ve helped provide more than 2,002,250 meals to over 240,270 Families in need. Join In Today! Each dollar you give will multiply 5x to provide much-needed food and essentials for Families.

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